Diddy’s Halloween costume as Heath Ledger’s Joker has been widely praised as one of the best celebrity costumes of the year. He even stayed in character all night, impersonating the Joker’s maniacal laugh. However, not everyone was a fan of Diddy’s costume and character.

In a now-viral clip shared by The Shade Room, Diddy can be seen exchanging words with Michael J. Ferguson, known for his role as “2-Bit” on the show “Power.” The altercation almost led to a physical fight between the two.

It’s unclear what originally sparked the argument, but it’s possible that Ferguson took issue with Diddy’s costume and behavior as the Joker. Regardless, the incident serves as a reminder to be mindful of others and to think about the impact our actions may have on those around us.

While it’s important to have fun and enjoy holidays like Halloween, it’s equally important to respect others and avoid any behavior that could potentially lead to conflicts or harm.