Canadian rapper Drake’s fashion brand, OVO, has partnered with Japanese-based fragrance brand retaW for a collaborative collection. Founded in 2009, retaW creates unique scents, aromas, and skincare products, with a name that is pronounced “water” when read backwards.

The latest collaboration from OVO and retaW features a series of candles, diffusers, sprays, and tags, all created with the style of OVO and the expertise of retaW. The candle, diffuser, and room spray all come in the “October Scent,” and are made in Japan using locally sourced ingredients.

The collaboration is now available online at, as well as OVO flagship stores worldwide. The partnership represents a unique blend of Canadian and Japanese style and expertise, combining OVO’s fashion and design with retaW’s focus on fragrance and skincare.

This collaboration is just one of many in the fashion industry that has seen brands from different countries and styles come together to create something new and exciting for consumers. The OVO x retaW collection is sure to be a hit among fans of both brands, as well as those looking for unique and high-quality fragrances and skincare products.