Kanye West Admits Sway Was Right About Selling His Apparel Directly

Kanye West’s viral outburst in his 2013 interview with Sway has become one of the most iconic moments in journalism history. The rapper famously yelled, “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY!” during the interview, but now, nine years later, he appears to be changing his tune.

Following failed deals with Gap and adidas, Kanye is now admitting that Sway was right all along. In the interview, Sway suggested that Ye should take a step back and sell his apparel directly to consumers, and now, Kanye is doing just that with his Yeezy brand. He admits that Sway had the answer to his struggles with brand battles.

In a recent soundbite on Good Morning America, Kanye confessed that Sway was right and that he intends to go independent with his Yeezy brand. Kanye’s admission that Sway had the answer all along is a significant revelation and a testament to the power of independent thinking and the value of constructive criticism.