Lil Uzi Vert, the rapper known for his distinctive style and memorable music, has once again made headlines for his newest additions to his collection of face piercings. This time, he has six new dermal piercings on his face, done by Kaia at Jewels Parlor Piercing Studio in New York City.

The rapper seemed to be enjoying himself during the procedure, despite the pain that typically accompanies piercings. The six new piercings add to Uzi’s existing collection, which includes the legendary $24 million pink diamond forehead piercing that garnered widespread attention.

While Uzi still appears to have the forehead piercing, it seems the pink diamond is now missing. In an interview with TMZ, Uzi revealed that the diamond was ripped out by fans. Despite this setback, Uzi continues to push the boundaries of personal style with his unique and daring approach to fashion.

It’s yet to be seen what other piercings Uzi has planned for the future, but it’s safe to say that his latest additions won’t be his last. Uzi has once again reminded the world that he is a trendsetter and an icon, both in music and in fashion.