Fake teeth, or veneers, have become increasingly popular among celebrities looking to improve their appearance and achieve the perfect smile. During an episode of the FULL SEND PODCAST, rapper Lil Yachty asked co-host Kyle Forgeard how much his fake teeth cost, to which Kyle replied “$15,000.” However, Kyle mentioned that he only had his front teeth done, while Lil Yachty went all out and got his entire mouth covered in veneers at a cost of $98,000.

Veneers are a costly cosmetic dental procedure that have become ubiquitous among celebrities and influencers. They involve attaching a tooth-colored shell to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance and achieve a desired look. The procedure has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry and allowed individuals to achieve the perfect smile they’ve always wanted.

Overall, the conversation between Lil Yachty and Kyle about the cost of fake teeth sheds light on the lengths celebrities will go to achieve a desired appearance and the high cost of perfection.