One of the UFC’s biggest stars, Nate Diaz, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the partnership between the UFC and Project Rock, which was recently announced. Diaz’s comments were made during an interview with Megan Olivi leading up to his match with Tony Ferguson. He stated that the UFC x Project Rock shoes “f****** suck,” despite some of his fight clips being used in the promotional video announcing the partnership.

While Diaz’s comment may come as a surprise to some, he is known for his unfiltered and honest opinions. The blunt criticism has caused a stir among fans, with many sharing the interview and remixing the original promo video to include Diaz’s comment.

Although Diaz’s opinion may not change the popularity of the UFC x Project Rock shoe deal, it highlights the importance of individual preferences. Not everyone will be a fan of every product endorsed by the UFC, and it’s important to take individual preferences into consideration.

Regardless, the UFC x Project Rock shoe deal is expected to continue to grow in popularity as more fighters and fans adopt the footwear. The partnership between the two brands, spearheaded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Under Armour, is aimed at promoting hard work and legacy, which are both pillars of the UFC community.