E-40, the hip hop legend from the Bay Area, keeps growing his Earl Stevens Selections alcohol line. His newest addition is ‘Tycoon Vodka’ which is inspired by his 2016 song “Tycoon” produced by Nonstop da Hitman. The song was part of E-40’s ‘The D-Boy Diary: Book 2’ album. E-40 has released 26 studio albums so far.

The new vodka is distilled six times and distributed by Southern Glazer’s. Other alcohol brands under the Earl Stevens Selections line include E. Cuarenta Cerveza, E. Cuarenta Tequila, Tycoon Cognac, and many more. E-40 has over 15 alcohol brands in total.

E-40’s new ‘Tycoon Vodka’ can be purchased for $44.95 (750ml) at uptownspirits.com.