NLE Choppa Reveals His Practice of Celibacy for Semen Retention in New Interview

The practice of semen retention has gained popularity among celebrities in recent years. The Weeknd made a joke about it in his appearance on “American Dad,” saying that it gives him superpowers that other singers don’t have. Rapper Kevin Gates has also admitted to being an active practitioner of semen retention. Now, another rapper, NLE Choppa, has come forward and revealed that he is currently practicing celibacy for the purpose of semen retention.

In an interview with RapTV, NLE Choppa admitted that he is celibate to keep his “semen” in. He believes that the more he retains, the more powerful he feels and the stronger his willpower becomes. This practice has gained popularity in recent years, with some believing it has various benefits for both physical and mental health.

NLE Choppa is not the first rapper to speak about semen retention, and it is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation in the hip-hop community. While there is no scientific evidence that suggests semen retention has any physical or mental benefits, it remains a popular practice among some individuals.

As NLE Choppa continues to abstain from sex and practice semen retention, his fans are curious to see what impact this will have on his music and personal life in the long run.