Super Bowl LVI champion and Nike athlete Odell Beckham Jr. is suing the sportswear giant for over $20 million, claiming that Nike has withheld payment and failed to honor its commitments to him.

The dispute dates back to 2017, when Adidas attempted to sign Beckham Jr. for a deal worth up to $47 million. As part of his existing deal with Nike, the company had the option to match the Adidas offer and retain Beckham Jr. as a Nike athlete. Nike exercised this option, but according to Beckham Jr., failed to honor its commitment and has since withheld millions of dollars in payment.

In a social media post, Beckham Jr. expressed his disappointment with Nike, stating that he had kept his promises and fulfilled his obligations to the brand, but that Nike had not done the same. He also expressed his frustration with having to take legal action to ensure the company lived up to its obligations.

The lawsuit highlights the complex and often contentious relationships between athletes, their agents, and the major sportswear brands that sponsor them. As athletes become increasingly influential and lucrative endorsers, the stakes for both brands and athletes are higher than ever, making it more important than ever for these relationships to be built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

Overall, Beckham Jr.’s lawsuit against Nike is a sharp reminder of the importance of honor and integrity in these types of business relationships, and underscores the need for clear contracts and good communication to ensure that both parties are being treated fairly.

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If you are curious what Odell’s Nike contract looked like, check it out below!