Social media influencers are increasingly creating and launching their own products and brands. Among them, Mr. Beast has introduced his own chocolate bars, the NELK Boys have launched Happy Dad, a hard seltzer, and numerous beauty influencers have created their own makeup lines. However, the most successful product to originate from the social media influencer space is PRIME Hydration Drink, created by Logan Paul and KSI.

PRIME has rapidly gained popularity and has become a top-selling sports drink in the market. Logan Paul disclosed on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that PRIME has now exceeded the sales of Powerade and BODYARMOR at Target stores.

While it is difficult to predict the future, with PRIME’s quality, marketing strategy, and consumer demand, it may be possible for it to eventually surpass Gatorade and establish itself as a leading player in the sports drink industry. To learn more, watch Logan Paul’s revelation that PRIME has surpassed Powerade and BODYARMOR at 1:16 in the video below.