Reebok Pays Tribute to Street Fighter’s Zangief with Instapump Fury Shoe

Reebok has announced the release of the Reebok x Street Fighter Instapump Fury “Zangief” shoe, paying homage to one of the original and most iconic characters from the popular video game franchise, Street Fighter. Zangief, the wrestling Russian, is known for his fierce and ferocious style and has often been overshadowed by characters like Ryu and Ken.

The shoe design is inspired by Zangief’s legendary red wrestling tights and studded gold belt, featuring a red upper with gold accents and a black surface. The insoles feature the classic “Fight” text as well as a portrait of Zangief’s original 2D depiction.

The Reebok x Street Fighter Instapump Fury “Zangief” shoe will be available for purchase on October 29, 2022, on Fans of the popular video game franchise and Zangief alike can appreciate this unique tribute from Reebok to one of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters.