The Tate brothers have become well-known figures in online circles for their controversial views on a range of topics from women to politics. However, their outspokenness and online notoriety have recently brought them into conflict with some social media influencers, such as sexy influencer Little Lianna.

Lianna was reportedly unhappy after receiving a DM from Andrew Tate’s brother, Tristan, who allegedly started the conversation with the “Where are you from?” line. Lianna went on to criticize the Tate brothers, calling out their alleged misogyny and warning that openly talking about hating women will only lead potential partners to ignore them.

Andrew Tate, in particular, has come under fire for his comments about women, which many have criticized as sexist and outdated. Despite this, he has remained a popular figure among some online communities, where he is known for his aggressive and often controversial views on a range of social and political issues.

Overall, the Tate brothers’ outspokenness and controversial views have earned them both praise and criticism from different corners of the internet. However, as more people like Little Lianna speak out against their views, it remains to be seen how their reputation will continue to evolve and whether their influence will have any long-term impact on online culture.

View the DM screenshot below!