The Weeknd is not one to engage in feuds or spats, but a recent article published by Rolling Stone has him fired up. The beef began over “The Idol,” an HBO series co-produced by The Weeknd, Sam Levinson, and Lily-Rose Depp. Rolling Stone published an article claiming that the show is in turmoil and has gone off the rails before it even premieres. The article cited thirteen sources who allege that the show is in trouble due to unorganization and conflicts among its production staff.

In response, The Weeknd took to social media to preview an unreleased scene from “The Idol” in which his character Tedros criticizes Rolling Stone and calls the publication “irrelevant.” The post went viral, drawing attention to the show and sparking a feud with the influential media outlet.

The reason for Rolling Stone’s attack on “The Idol” is unclear, but it has certainly garnered attention and built hype for the show. It remains to be seen whether The Weeknd will continue to work with Rolling Stone in the future, given their negative coverage of his project.

“The Idol” does not yet have a premiere date, but the drama surrounding the show is sure to generate buzz and anticipation. Overall, the feud between The Weeknd and Rolling Stone highlights the power of media coverage and the importance of handling negative press in the public eye.